More like an alien from another planet than an artist from Sheffield UK, Don Jones’ futuristic sound and nostalgic brand aesthetic has influenced a wave of individualism, encouraging his fans and followers to pursue their goals, placing faith in their own personal power. Currently Don Jones has been residing and recording in Florida USA, which is where he began releasing his recorded music in 2018.

“Ever since a kid I was always creating, ya know, coming up with rap melodies and playing my dad’s guitar”  “Back then a lot of things were out of my control so I would always find myself alone,” “never felt like I fit anywhere, so for me drawing and coming up with songs in my head was a way to create a world where I could escape.” 

As one of the pioneers in exploring the Vaporwave/Hip-Hop sound, he has released an extensive body of work featuring notable tracks such as Banana Yellow & Smile Back. Working with both peers, and known artists such as: Allblack, IKNOWMARK, Imani Love, KYD Mari, Mahi66, Merr, SEBii, Sammie Spice, Thomas Swanson and The Day After. 

Don Jones joined the Always Active Media group in 2019, and in 2020 also became part of 3AM. These teams have become known for pushing the artistic boundaries of Hip-Hop and Pop culture. Their authentic visual approach along with best in class marketing and management continues to set new standards in the ‘ever developing’ creative and entertainment industries.

“It can be the hardest thing to take that first step, but you have to jump in head first… Don't worry about what other people might think, because they can’t see the vision… you have to show them.” 

Don Jones' music allows listeners to feel free and in the moment, his electrifying personality adds a unique flare to his word selections and lyrical delivery. The motivation behind the music and Don Jones’ aesthetic as an artist, is to creatively display the embodiment of ‘unwavering desire’ combined with ‘relentless passion’, the personifications of how finding this within oneself can become a source of light.

“I always believed, if you work your absolute hardest, you can achieve anything you set out to do.” 

The moment when Don Jones decided to make that sacrifice to pursue the path of a full time creative artist, was back In 2006 during his first live performance.

“At the time no one knew I rapped” “ I really had to prepare for that opportunity… that moment changed me forever”.