Collection: KP-3113 Tribe - African Mask Canvas Art Print

In a land far in the depths of space, away from all known life, there lived a group of people known as the Kp-3113 tribe. They were a peaceful and prosperous community, living in harmony with the land and all its creatures. However, one day, a group of elders got together and made a blood pact to take control over the people and all the resources of the land. Their souls were taken over and the elders now only appeared as demons, seeking to take control of the land and its resources. The Kp-3113 people were no match for the demons' bush magic, and they were quickly overtaken.

The demons ruled the land with an iron fist, taking everything they desired and leaving the Kp-3113 people with nothing. But the Kp-3113 people were resilient. A determined group from 20 of the chosen bloodlines were beginning to rise up. They knew they could not give up without a fight, but they also knew they needed help.

As times grew, so did the chosen ones, growing into powerful warriors: Samira, Hassan, Aisha, Lamin, Alhassan, Nafisa, Tariq, Amina, Faiz, Kadija, Binta, Omar, Mariam, Salim, Aaliyah, Rania, Yaa, Kofi, and Hamza. These brave individuals vowed to take back their land and restore balance to the world.

The chosen warriors of the Kp-3113 people joined forces with the angels of God, and together they waged war against the demons. It was a fierce and brutal battle in the spirit realm as well as the world of men, but in the end, after much sacrifice the Kp-3113 people emerged victorious. The elders and demonic entities that they had become were defeated, and the angels rejoiced with the people of the tribe as the power was restored to the rightful owners.

The Kp-3113 people knew that they could not have done it without the faith and prayers of their mighty warriors, and they honored them for their bravery and sacrifice. From that day on, the Kp-3113 people lived in peace and prosperity once again, thanks to the courage and determination of their heroes.

KP-3113 Tribe - African Mask Canvas Art Print